How surveys can help target your strategic communications

by Feb 6, 2020Pro Tips

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Survey results can help guide a strategic communications plan or campaign and provide a baseline for evaluation.
Creating strong messaging is crucial for nonprofits, but without survey research to help us understand our target audience, we are less likely to win the friends we need.

Before launching headfirst into a public relations campaign, it’s important to know what media our key constituents are reading and following, what issues or topics appeal to them, and how they react to different messaging. But we don’t know that until we ask. And way too often, we fail to ask.

The answers we get may be different for different key segments of our audience, whether based on demographics such as age or gender or based on group affiliation.

By designing a brief survey and sending it to a random sample of our target audience, we can collect data to inform our messaging and our choice of communication channels. And perhaps we can even get insight into various ways we can segment our communications to appeal to specific constituencies within our overall audience.
Relatable Communications Group surveyed a random sample of North Carolina attorneys while developing a strategic communications plan for the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center. We gathered more than 450 responses through an e-mail survey that took just a few minutes to complete.
Relatable Communications Group designed and administered a custom survey for the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center.

The results showed that when it comes to pro bono work, North Carolina attorneys are most interested in learning about time-limited pro bono activities such as clinics, projects in need of volunteers, continuing legal education opportunities, and the impact of pro bono efforts in North Carolina.

In addition, the resource center now knows what publications and social media accounts the majority of North Carolina attorneys read and follow, what professional organizations they belong to and more. All of this information can potentially be analyzed by judicial district, number of years in practice, and professional affiliation because the survey included those questions.

The survey results collected from North Carolina attorneys informed the strategic communications plan Relatable Communications Group prepared for the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center and can be used in future evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan’s implementation.

The survey also yielded data on the reputation of the resource center that can be used as a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of its strategic communications over time.

If you have questions about your target audience, whether that be your organization’s membership or donors, Relatable Communications Group can help.

We can design a survey that will help you find out what your audience thinks about your organization, which will give you an idea of where the gaps are between your true reputation and what you want it to be. This in turn will inform your messaging.

We can also help you understand what interests them, where they get their information and other key pieces of information to ensure your messaging will reach its target.

Contact us for more information.

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