Musical chairs and media relations

One of the hardest things about media relations today is keeping up with the constant turnover among reporters and editors at major news outlets. That’s where Relatable Communications Group comes in. We’ll not only write a great press release, but we’ll also devise a targeted media list and do the critical but often overlooked, up-to-the-minute research before sending it out to make sure that list is current.

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News, news everywhere

By getting to know you and your story, Relatable Communications Group can find the relatable pitch – whether it’s pegged to the current news, a hot theme, or a media outlet’s specific readership – and we’ll also find the right reporter for your story.

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My father’s gift

I feel proud of the fact that my dad – and my mother’s father before him – were legal pioneers in Florida. While I didn’t become a lawyer, I did inherit my dad’s gift for storytelling, a talent that has been critical to my success as a professional communicator. For that, I’m extremely grateful.

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Brand politics in the age of social media

As politics have become increasingly polarized, companies like Publix are having to learn where government relations end and public relations begin, and it’s a blurred line if not an ever-changing continuum. Research by global communications marketing firm Edelman found that 57 percent of consumers will buy or boycott a brand because of its position on an issue.

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Everyone has a story

The other day, I went to get a haircut. I have been going to the same stylist for almost 10 years. I knew she was from Cambodia, but I had never asked her about her life before coming to America. I don’t remember what prompted her to start talking about it. But she offered me an insight into her childhood that forever changed the way I relate to her.

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